Product Name:

    NMD530 Series Steamer


    For inspecting liquid and pasty product like juice, sauces, jam, soup and etc.

  • Offering the highest levels of sensitivity for inspecting various types of pumped product, meats, slurries and sauces.
  • Applicable for high temperature liquid (Up to 80˚C)
  • Metal Separation Using a Ball Valve System

  • Effective rejecting system to minimize product loss without a need to stop the operation during metal separation
  • Wash-Down Okay
  • Unrivalled Detection Sensitivity

  • The use of high frequency technology combined with enhanced filtering techniques delivers the highest levels of sensitivity across all metal types.
  • Full Colour Touch Screen (7 inch TFT LCD)

  • An intuitive and convenient full colour touch screen, containing regional languages and user manual